How Much Should Cost to Buy Instagram Followers?

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Want to grow your Instagram followers list dramatically?

You should have important information about Instagram before when you feel to know about the cost to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Instagram is a popular social media platform where the medium of interaction is through photos. If you have an Instagram account, then you will find that its popularity is primarily judged by how many followers you have or how many likes and comments your account is attracting. There are two different ways of increasing the follower list for your account. One of them is to use the age-old method of letting it grow organically by posting interesting photos regularly. The other is to dramatically increase the follower’s count by buying Instagram followers cheap, likes, and comments on the web. While this may look suspicious to many of you, it is, in fact, true and many companies and also individuals worldwide regularly purchase followers to boost their credibility in the eyes of any visitors.

Want a ton of likes on your Instagram posts?

Can you buy active Instagram followers?

As Instagram is primarily used to improve the contact base significantly, people having an account on this social website are always on the lookout to increase their followers meaningfully. If your company has an Instagram account, then it makes sense to create a bigger follower base. If your Instagram has a big following then it will be advantageous for your company because potential clients may come to look at your account just to see why so many people are following you on the Instagram.

Companies try to pad up their Instagram followers list to create a positive perception in the mind of the visitors. If you are in for a long haul then we suggest that you try to build your reputation through posting good images and try to build a storyline that will help people stay connected with you. However, if you are that kind of guy who has very little patience or your business is looking to improve the follower list dramatically, then we suggest that you go ahead and buy real active Instagram followers for cheap for your account. Now the question arises, is it worth the effort and the money to buy followers for your Instagram account. For that, you have to decide what is the reason for which you want to increase your follower numbers? how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers? If it is just to score some brownie points with your friends for comparing popularity, then we believe that it will be a very expensive proposition. However, if you want the follower base to expand your business, then we suggest that you should go ahead and take a chance and buy real Instagram followers for your account. However, before you take the plunge, make sure that the website from where you are making the purchase of fake followers, has a good record of providing quality service in this field of providing high-quality followers for your account who also regularly give likes and leave comments on your account.

When you have a bigger follower base then it impacts your account in many positive ways. We have listed some of the positives that you will get when you pay to buy real Instagram followers cheap for your account.

  1. It automatically increases traffic to your account. More and more people will be intrigued to know why so many people are following your account and they will come to check it out.
  2. When you buy real Instagram followers instantly it improves the brand recognition of your company.
  3. When you have a very popular Instagram account, then it leads to high level of engagement with the real followers.
  4. When you get new visitors attracted by a large number of followers of your Instagram account, it increases the chances of getting leads to your business.

While these are some of the tangible benefits that you get from having a big follower list the real question is whether people may see the fake follower list of your account. If you want to create a genuine looking list of followers by paying money, then we suggest that you also invest a bit more to buy Instagram likes cheap for your photos to make it look legit.

Although paid followers play an important part in boosting your credibility, it is important that you should not depend on them completely. You have to make extra effort to build an organic growth in your follower’s list through the regular post of high-quality pictures. Because it is ultimately the real followers who can engage with you more fruitfully and drive your business forward.

How much does it cost to buy real active followers on Instagram?

When you think to get followers on your account, obviously before you will feel this question that how much does it cost to purchasing Instagram followers? To answer this question in detail we have to explain that there are two kinds of followers on the market that you can buy for your Instagram account. One of these is called low-quality followers and the others are called high-quality followers.

Low-quality followers

Most of these followers are ghost account. In short, it means that while your follower list will show a huge number, but there will be no real engagement. This can hurt your business pretty badly if the genuine followers begin to suspect your follower’s list by checking that while your account has a ton of followers, you have very little likes or comments. Therefore, these types of followers though sound cheap to buy may be counterproductive to your business strategy to increase the genuine followers through organic growth. The average rates of such followers are as follows (rate may vary depending on the website from you are making the purchase).

  • 100 followers – $2.99 (Rs. 190 approx.)
  • 500 followers – $5.99 (Rs. 381 approx.)
  • 1,000 followers – $9.99 (Rs. 635 approx.)
  • 2,500 followers – $19.99 (Rs. 1,272 approx.)
  • 5,000 followers – $35.99 (Rs. 2,289 approx.)
  • 10,000 followers – $59.99 (Rs. 3,816 approx.)

High quality followers

Most companies target these followers since they are very difficult to distinguish from the fake ones. These followers have genuine looking accounts complete with profile pictures and bio info. Where to buy real active quality followers along with likes and comments then it will definitely boost your credibility without harming your reputation. The list of charges that you have to pay to buy these followers may vary depending on the package and the website that is selling it. But generally, they hover around the rate we have listed below for your reference.

  • 500 followers – $8 (Rs. 509 approx.)
  • 1,000 followers – $14 (Rs. 891 approx.)
  • 2,000 followers – $24 (Rs. 1,527 approx.)
  • 5,000 followers – $50 (Rs. 3,180 approx.)
  • 10,000 followers – $90 (Rs. 5,725 approx.)
  • 20,000 followers – $170 (Rs. 10,814 approx.)

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