Use These 6 Methods to Get Instagram Likes on Photos

Get Instagram Likes on Photos

One of the best social sites through which you can share your memories with others is the Instagram. If you want to get greater acknowledgment from them in the form of likes then we suggest that you follow these steps to get Instagram likes that you get for all your posts.

Want a ton of likes on your Instagram posts?

Get more appreciation for high-quality pictures

Instagram is geared mainly for communicating through pictures. And since pictures are the primary element that will decide how well your posts are received by others, you have to work hard to get them right. If you are looking for some authentic tips on how to get more likes on your Instagram photos, then go through these points carefully.

  • Pick up a theme that either interest you or the one that will support your business (if it is a business Instagram account). Do not post different types of images all the time. It is wise to focus on that subject that you are comfortable with and not dabble in others where your effort would not give you the desired results.
  • Post pictures in high resolutions. Nowadays, many people access their accounts on their smartphones. And as these smartphones support very high-resolution images you should make sure that the images that you post are of high resolution. If you post pictures in low resolution, then they will appear grainy or stretched which will not be appreciated by the viewers. Therefore, to get Instagram like follow the mantra of using high-quality pictures only.
  • Always try to shoot the pictures in such a way that they look light and bright. People generally like to look at happy images. Therefore, stick to these. However, if your subject demands, then posting one or two dark images to create interesting contrast will also help.
  • Make use of photo editing software like the Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to improve the quality of the pictures that you have posted.

Trendy sounding hashtags improves searchability

When you are debating on how to get more likes on your Instagram photos, the most important part that you have to focus on is that the viewer should be able to easily search your posts among the millions that are posted daily. To do this successfully, Instagram provides you with a very powerful tool -Hashtags. There are many cool sounding hashtags that improve your searchabilitylike,#love,#Instagood,#photooftheday,#fashion,#beautiful,#happy,#marketing,#b2bmarketing and so on.

While you use the hashtags in the captions of your posts, do not overdo it. Otherwise, people will think that you are spamming them and block your account.

Give people what they want

If you post images of those subjects that your targeted audience is looking for, then you will not have to worry about how to get more likes on your Instagram photos. They will find your account without too much promotion on your part. While you are looking for what to post to increase the likes, you have to take care of something to ensure that you don’t end turning people from your account.

  • Never ever post the same kind of picture one after the other. If you have three similar looking photos on the same subject that instead of posting all of them in a string, pick up the best one and post it instead.
  • Make sure that when you are posting your photos, select those photos where you are sharing the space with your wife, children or friends.
  • Do not post excessive photos of the food you eat, it will make you gluttonous and people do not respect that.

Actively participate in the Instagram community of your choice

People will veer towards your Instagram account when they see that you are an active participant in the online community by posting regularly on the subject matter around which that particular community revolves. Here are some of the features that you have to keep in mind to leverage your presence in the online community better to get Instagram likes from them.

  • Make a start by commenting regularly on the posts that your friends have posted on their accounts. It is human nature that we like those people who appreciate us. Therefore, when you like their posts or make some comment on them, then they are more than likely to reciprocate.
  • To push the envelope even further, you should also visit strangers Instagram accounts and like or comment on their posts. This will pique their interest and they may come to look at your account and may give it a like if they find the images posted there interesting.
  • Look at those accounts that are notching up a huge list of followers. Like some of their photos and also make some generous comments about their posts. This may attract them to your site where they can either like some of your photos or leave a comment there. Once that happens many of their followers might visit your site out of Interest and give their likes. This is a fantastic way of how to get more likes on your Instagram photos.

Always put your posts at the right time to garner more viewers

Most Instagram account holders are not always glued to their smartphone screen looking for new posts. They have some specific free times when they browse the Instagram for any new posts. If you want to get Instagram likes, then be very sure to find that time and post your new photos then only to get the maximum viewership. Market researchers have concluded that, if you post your pictures in the middle of the day, after dinner or during any holidays, then your posts will get the most hits.

Use social media to reach out to others

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are amazing channels that will direct more traffic towards your Instagram account if you use them strategically. Invite your followers to your other social platforms to visit your Instagram account and make their comments there. As they are already following you on other social platforms, it is more than likely that they will also visit your account and you will get Instagram likes from them.

These are some of the points that you have to follow to gain more like, views and followers on your Instagram account.

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