How to Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram: 11 Trends

How to Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram

There are two reasons to stay on the social media channels like the first is just for meeting new people and the second one is that for business marketing, branding or to be fame itself. However, whether it’s an Instagram network or other social channels.

Nowadays, Instagram is used much for branding, business promotion and as a picture sharing app. It has crossed a range of users compared to the other social media networks because it is an attractive platform and also user-friendly.

Well, it’s all was just a general little bit inspection. Let’s come to the important point to get more followers and likes on Instagram instantly.

To become fame on Instagram, having more followers and likes on Instagram is essential. Here we will discuss how to get more followers and likes on Instagram fast.

First, we should have a question.

Why is Instagram so Popular?

Why is Instagram so Popular

Because of its features and simplicity which have won their users desire completely. It has proven it’s identity over the years and therefore, it is known as a popular app for sharing pictures where you can manifest easily through image which is a better way to express than spending time in writing texts, even a text will not as attractive to people as an image. That’s why most people prefer to use the Instagram for saying their words through images.

How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes?

We are going to see which methods can be implemented that will bring more audiences on your Instagram account. Let’s get a useful knowledge to get more followers on Instagram fast.


Hashtags play a major role in every social media channel. When it comes to using hashtags on Instagram, then that should be relevant and popular.

Hashtags on Instagram

It depends upon your business and industry that you are engaged in. You will get a lot of popular hashtags via the Internet but the most important thing is to discover the relevant, trending and popular hashtags that are most relevant to your business if you are as a businessman there.

You can also take a help of Google to explore relevant and specific hashtags for your business or brand.

If you are using Instagram for becoming popular only then you can use regular popular hashtags.

Example of most Instagram popular hashtags:

#me #cute

The Perfect Timing

It is necessary to know certain things before posting a post on Instagram as it will help to get engagement and visibility.

You should be aware of your targeted audiences time zone what time and when they most often come to check Instagram during a day.

The Perfect Timing

Most Instagrammer or common people login in the morning, and in the evening a day.

For brands and business marketing, mid-night is the most suitable time to post on Instagram as a photo it has a very short duration of time around 3 or 4 hours before it gets hidden in followers’ feeds.

Hosting Contest

Running a contest is an emphatic way to get more followers on Instagram. Instagram has been a great platform for hosting a contest in a great way. So, keep running an effective contest on Instagram.

USE Apps

Apps are the best way to share pictures on Instagram by using their readymade features and in this way you can also save your time too, you will not need to spend time on photoshop to edit it. Attractive images leave an impression by which you can increase Instagram followers and likes.

Here are the best apps for editing images for Instagram.

Descriptive Caption

Whenever you are going to post something, always give descriptive caption since it will help to show the main objective of your post to people.

Descriptive Caption

Cross Posting

Cross Posting on Instagram

Instagram has the feature to share the Instagram post to other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. All these channels should be activated so that your Instagram post will also appear on the channels at the same time. This is a stunning way to get new more followers on Instagram from the other networks.

GEO Tags

GEOTags are used to gain specific local followers and likes on Instagram. Say for an example, if you want to get followers from the United States, you can mention “United States” with #. Example: #UnitedStates, #UK, #Cananda etc.

Call To Action

Always ask an interesting question in a caption to your followers so it will create a visibility, engagement and help to get more likes on Instagram.

Discover New People

Finding new people and following them, is a faster way to get more Instagram followers and likes but you should follow people who must be relevant to your business service or product.

Complete Bio

Bio makes the first impact and brings a belief to upcoming followers so you should keep it with full required details along with your business link and original profile pic.

Influencers Methods

Follow influencers and get in touch with their methods which can help you to know their strategies.

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