Instagram Marketing Strategies: How to Gain Followers Fast In 2018

How To Get Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is a very powerful tool that allows you to connect with others in a very meaningful way. The only way that you can improve on expanding your circle of contacts in this dynamic platform is to keep trying to attract more followers to your account.

This will give you an advantage of two-way communication that can not only enrich your experience but also has a great potential for improving your business profile significantly.

Want a ton of likes on your Instagram posts?

Gain Massive Following On Instagram

To increase your circle of influence in the Instagram, you need a large number of followers. Here I will give you some tricks of the trade to get real Instagram followers fast.

Best Tips To Get Real Instagram Followers

Your mission

If you want to gain a substantial following on the Instagram, then the first thing that you have to do is identify what is your mission in creating the Instagram account in the first place?Is it just to engage with other like-minded individuals or you want to use Instagram as your business promotion tool.

If you do not identify your mission properly, then the question of how to gain followers on Instagram will remain unanswered.

Open A business Instagram Account

Once you have identified your mission clearly as a business, the next thing will be to open a business Instagram account. When you open a business account, you have to realise that it should be used exclusively to promote your business and not yours so do not put your photos in it. The business account of the Instagram allows you to do a number of things which will help you to promote your products more effectively.

The business account has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to look more critically at the profile of your followers when they come online and much more. This gives you a detailed idea of how to influence them to buy your products or advertise your services to them more effectively.

The second thing that makes an Instagram business account such an important platform for the business to advertise their product is the advertisement tool embedded in it. It is very similar to the one that Facebook allows its subscribers to use. This gives a company the ability to not only launch an effective media campaign but also oversee it successfully.

A business account also gives you the option of promoting your business from inside the app itself.

If you have a business account on the Instagram, then you get the option of adding links to the stories that you want to tell through your Instagram account. In fact, if your business has more than 10,000 followers, then you get the chance of adding links to your Instagram stories. Earlier this feature was restricted to verified Instagram accounts only.

Popular Hashtags to Get Real Instagram Followers

There are millions of Instagram users who are posting tons of images online daily. If you do not make your pictures searchable, then it will be difficult for other account holders to look them up.

Therefore, when you post interesting pictures make use of popular hashtags like #marketing tips, #b2bmarketing, #mkt, #promotion among a host of others. These popular hashtags automatically attract other people to come and look at what is there in your account and then share, like or comment on it, if they like the content.

Post Comments

It is important that you should do a thorough research on which Instagram accounts your targeted audience are following, in this way you can go and look at those accounts and make some interesting comments there to gain visibility. If your comments are thought-provoking, then others who are following that account will come to look at your site to see what you are offering.

Post Images

When you are looking at how to gain followers on Instagram, then never lose sight of the criticality of the time factor. Marketing researchers have discovered that most of the account holders are active at some particular time and are not showing up in large number in some other time (maybe they are busy at work).

Therefore, it is important to find out at what time your targeted audience is free to browse their Instagram and post only on those times to gain more followers.

Organize Some Interesting Contest

Everyone wants to be a part of something where they can show their expertise. You can use this strategy to get real Instagram followers who will ultimately impact the success of your business in a more positive way.

The competition can be about posting some interesting photos of a subject that your company produces. In this way, you not only improve your followers’ numbers but also make them interested in the product that you are selling.

Amazing Contents Attracts Tons of Followers

If you are conflicted in your mind about which of the innumerable ways on how to gain followers on Instagram you should follow, then stick with high-quality contents.

Whatever, the hacks you are employing to attract people to your account, if your content is not up to the mark, then it would be difficult to hold them to your account and inspire them to follow your account.

Therefore, always remember the adage that ‘content is the king’ is absolutely true and you have to take care to post the right kind of content for your targeted audience so that they come back looking for more. To make your content more potent, you should also focus on these things.

  • The caption of your photo should be interesting
  • Use hashtags with the caption of the photo for easy searchability
  • Add a call to action button with your photos asking the visitor to leave a comment
  • Never use too many hashtags in a caption or others might treat your post as a spam.

Doing all these small things will have a significant impact on your effort to get real Instagram followers organically.

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