Instagram Marketing Trends of 2018 – Shaping Experience of Online Shopping

Instagram Marketing Trends

Social media marketing has brought a drastic change in our lives with its fast pace changing. The moment you master on a particular marketing hack, the other evolves. This process goes on and on. In terms of upgrades and salient features, Instagram stands first. Due to the high dominance of e-commerce business Instagram marketing trends, Instagram is soon becoming a leading contender for traffic boosting.

Almost 85% of people have opted for online shopping via smartphone due to the flexibility. They take the help of social networks to get inspired for making a purchase. As E-commerce is evolving at a rapid pace, one needs to keep himself up to date with latest trends in e-commerce marketing.

Want a ton of likes on your Instagram posts?

Top Instagram Marketing Trends for Ecommerce Business 2018

Instagram being purely visual is truly an incredible and captivating way of establishing connections with customers. Let us peep into some top Instagram marketing trends that you are supposed to master in 2018. It will definitely give you an immense pleasure to deal with customers in a hassle-free manner.

Easy purchasing through mobile phones

Easy Purchasing Through Mobile Phones

In similarity to Facebook, Instagram is also on its way to gain high popularity among sellers and businesses. Due to skyrocketing advertisement of this platform, online businesses are about to get a new platform to get popularized. With the exclusive feature of Instagram shopping, brands can easily add links within pictures to customers.

Instagram stories are offering an option to link towards verified accounts. Crisp content will definitely let customers land on buying page. Hence, the time has come to think out of the box and give a new turn to the entire game. It will nicely stack up your entire plan for marketing and analyze success at the best.

Inclusion of stories to change the game

Inclusion of Instagram Stories

In order to engage customers in a creative manner, highly inspiring Instagram stories are being included. It will be of great help in terms of growing the total number of followers on the base of Instagram.

Also, brands are investing the handsome amount of money in video marketing, as videos engage lots and lots of customers. Regardless of platform, informative videos are among highly convenient ways of attracting people in a highly creative manner.

Added discoverability feature

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags no doubt, have become among common functionalities for Instagram and other social networks. As per Instagram marketing trends 2018, following of hashtags users will be able to follow friends having similar interests. Thus, users will definitely stay on Instagram for a longer period of time.

The inclusion of new search feature will astound users with the desired functionality. It has now become possible to follow a particular post of interest rather than cluttering in too many profiles. If you are interested in a new category, it will be easy to discover new features easily.

Influencer marketing to take further development phase

Influencer Instagram Marketing

Influencer marketing is prevalent since time immemorial. Due to the vast majority of influencer market agencies and brands are facing more number of challenges. At the same time, consumers are demanding authenticity from brands and influencers.

Building meaningful relationships with influencers will definitely be a key in Instagram e-commerce statistics. Influencer marketing will see brands turning to real experts as social influencers are in high demand. It is high time to build a solid relationship with the audience and know them better.

Creation of highly SEO optimized blogs

SEO Blog

Creation of blogs to post SEO optimized articles will let gain high popularity of your brand. The information can be easily made crisp by including keywords, key phrases, and meta tags. Along with influencing readers, such articles will gain a high rank in the Search Engine Result Page.

Finally, it will contribute a lot in gaining high popularity of your brand. Addition of product details to your blog will definitely be an added advantage. Details may include a basic description of products along with the best and easiest method to get them from online stores will influence readers interested in Shopify Instagram marketing.

Growth of Instagram Shoppable ads –

Growth of Instagram Shoppable ads

Though Instagram has been an incredible platform for influencers and brands. The launching of Instagram Shoppable ads will make it lot easier to direct customers to E-commerce sites. Due to its high involvement with social media, it will be easy to make shopping an interesting deal.

Get Followers on Your Instagram Account

These are some trends for E-commerce business in 2018 that influence marketing trends of Instagram. It is for sure that with in-depth observation, it will be easy to halt the best decision. Consulting with a duly qualified influencer marketing agency, it will be easy to decide the best influencers for campaigns.